Tasha's reading was profound, insightful, and inspiring. I look forward to future readings and guidance. 

-Kristy T.

Tasha gave me the honor of having my first reading. Man was I surprised I am a bit of a skeptic but stay open to was resonates with me. She speaks with love and honesty. Her words come from this place of knowledge that I don't think many have access to. She knows her stuff and is able to dive into energies like I have never seen. She has been a great catalyst for positive change in my life and for that I am grateful.

Sara S.

I had my first Oracle reading with Tasha... AND it was by far one of the spot on readings I've ever had before. She was insightful and compassionate. She has a way about her that makes you feel safe... And ok to be vulnerable. I'm an energy worker and I also read Oracle cards. Often times we are the ones who don't get our cards read often enough! If you have a chance to get a spread from her... Do it!! You won't regret it. She's intuitive... She's a healer... She's got fantastic energy... And her positive vibes are contagious. Thank you again soul sister! Like two long lost friends who knew each other in another lifetime.

Kalei M.

How do you write a review on something you can't explain. I have had several readings and one reiki session with the amazing Tasha. Only she can truly understand what each have meant to me. She saw something I had been hoping for and guided me on my way towards it. Then having a rough patch I asked her to bless me with yet another reading she tapped into my soul and saw what the universe had been telling me to do and I had been fighting all along, new beginnings. Hard to do but made easier knowing it wasn't just me being crazy and jumping into something, the universe saw it too. I then had her do a reading and gave her no details to why. It's like she connected with me on an all new level. How could she see and know exactly what was happening to me without me even telling her. It was magical and awakening. During my reiki session I could feel all the negative energy leaving me and the positive and magic energy flowing from Tasha to me. I left feeling better than years of anti-depressants have made me feel. I felt amazing for weeks after. It was almost like my body and my soul needed that session to begin to heal. It's taken me forever to decide to write a review because Tasha's connection and magic is just so indescribable that I have a hard time putting the magic into words. Thanks for being amazing and connecting to my soul. Your readings have helped guide me along some rough patches lately and for that I am eternally grateful. Keep sharing that magic soul sister

Barrina F.

Tasha is something else. Someone very special! I've turned to her on multiple occasions, and am always in awe. Always responded to with love, compassion, and understanding. She has the most comforting energy, and she knows her shit! Tasha is truly such an open vessel of love. She guides with pure honesty... she has an amazing gift. I can't say enough about the "windows" she's opened inside of my mind and soul... allowing healing to occur and providing clarity to help me move forward.

Nikki M.

Tasha is more than a friend, she's a soul sister. While we've never met in person, we have such an amazing connection. After finding out I was pregnant with our fourth child, I reached out to Tasha. Pregnancy and I have a really crappy history together. There were many complications along the way. Each time a doctor would give a negative prognosis or ideas, Tasha would help do distance reiki for both baby Rose and I. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow, her results were amazing. If I had pain, it was relieved. If I feared an issue with the baby, she would "tap" and baby girl responded. It was a blessing to have her by my side from 2000 miles away. I can't thank her enough. I feel blessed to call her my friend.

Lavinia A.

Tasha's reading for me was amazingly accurate, and she put into words for me what has been some issues in my life I've been having difficulty with. Her readings are done with such empathy and love.

Kim R.

I haven't had a reading since being in the Army. My wife had such phenomenal results with her reading I figured I would give Tasha a try. She did not disappoint. It was difficult at first because there are some issues that I have from losses sustained in the military. But Tasha helped guide me through to a clear path to receive a reading. Her reading was difficult but in a positive way. Certain things I've clung to were no longer meant to be held. It's a healing process but I am thankful to have Tasha and my wife by my side along the way.

Derek A.

Tasha Bruch is someone you will feel beyond blessed to know. You will wonder how on earth you were lucky enough to have had your paths cross. There are no words that do justice when describing a heart like hers. She is the most down to earth, unconditionally loving human being I have

ever met. Her gifts and intuition will leave you with no doubt of the magic of the universe. Simply her presence on this earth is making the world a better place. The best thing you could do for yourself would be to get to know, and learn from this radiant soul. You will be forever changed, and grateful.

Autumn S.

My first experience with cards and reiki was with Tasha in one of the most torrential times of my life. She felt I needed immediate support so she started with long distance reiki. It gave me such internal inspiration, a feeling of security and brief relief. A couple of days later she welcomed me into her home for face to face reiki and cards. The insight she had was incredible, not only what was currently happening but she also laid out precisely what was to happen the next couple of months for me. Where to direct my focus, what I needed to do for myself. She helped me find the road beneath my feet again with her guidance, love, and energy. I cannot say enough about my experience! I truly believe her gift is flourishing and I'm so proud!

Jess A.

I had been in a creative and spiritual rut for several months when I crossed paths with Tasha. I had her do a reading for me just for fun and it ended up being one of the most healing, spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. I was blown away by her intuition and the way in which she genuinely connected with me. I know now without a doubt that my experience with Tasha was divinely inspired.

Jessica D.

I had a card reading from Tasha a few months ago and I have to say it was amazing. She is very insightful, intuitive and creates a calm and safe atmosphere. I highly recommend experiencing her gifts.

Stacy H.

If you need insight into a situation or perhaps some guidance on the next step in a relationship, career, or just want to see what is in store for you today, I highly recommend Tasha to help you through it. She is beautifully gifted in many ways her oracle readings are so on point and quite magical. The way she not only pulls the cards but, how she helps guide you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually through it all. She can help release any negative emotions that you're holding onto with some help from Reiki which she offers both in person or long distance, Emotional release, or muscle testing you to see if something is for your highest good or benefits you and your body or not at all. She can also help balance and align your chakras. Her guidance comes only from a place of love, compassion, and empathy. The way she relays the messages that come from the oracle cards, spirit guides, and the angels is even more beautiful and heart felt. It is truly a magnificent experience. Thank you so much dear friend for helping me on my journey and being a part of my life. -Blessings

Devon R.

Tasha has an undeniable ability to determine what your soul needs. Wether it be a card reading, reiki, or just coffee and chit-chat, she can always help. She has often brought emotions to the surface that I have managed to push down and forget about so I may have a chance to deal with them properly. She speaks her truth and encourages me to speak mine. I am eternally grateful for her everyday.

Joanne K.

The one constant always to be relied upon when working within any of the amazing modalities that Tasha Bruch offers is that you will always feel her authenticity and true unconditional LOVE. 

Tasha is one of the very rare intuitives that has the ability to set aside her personal beliefs, having no real agenda, to be able to hear and pass on information that is really truly yours, and yours alone. Her only goal is to make possible the manifestation of your best and highest good. She is so amazing that even if she offers a service, if Source tells her that someone else is your best fit, she will refer you to them. She is the definition of the ego-less healer. Someone you KNOW you can trust, in all the ways the word trust can be implied.

Her message of truth, which is present on her website, in every blog post and every article shared, is a TRUE representation of her character. She genuinely lives the life and message she preaches. Her stories are personal and REAL.

Whether you are simply inspired by her beautiful website, heartfelt and raw blog postings, her profound social media creations or you make the wise investment of working one on one within her Oracle card practice, you will always come away from any interaction with her full of hope, inspired to be your true self and thankful for the investment. 
Best wishes on your healing path.

Daunn G.

I would highly recommend you have Tasha give you a reading. I had mine done remotely, which is good, I have a tendency to be a bit fidgety and impatient. She nailed quite a few things each time. I learned what I needed to work on, always gives me book inspiration, and what crystals will help me along my journey. I was told a long time ago that you should only have people you trust do this. With Tasha I never even hesitated. She makes sure that she goes over your reading with you, and sends you notes to go over later. When I get done with my latest bit of homework, I will have her take another look! She is amazing!

Julie P.

I've had the most amazing experiences with Tasha. She is such a pure soul and it is so easy to tell that she genuinely loves to help people. She first came into my life when my little sister first went missing. She saw me a few times and I left feeling so much lighter then going in. She's been such a positive influence in my life and has helped me seek out dreams of mine that I didn't even know I had. I can honestly say that my life has changed in a very positive way because of Tasha. Thank you for being there for me during a dark time, and teaching me your ways. I can't wait to have my next visit!

Amanda S.

I had my first experience with card readings, guides and messages through Tasha. I had never before explored this kind of service, but I have always been curious.

I wouldn't consider myself overly spiritual, but I do believe in energies, the spirit and connections with others, the Earth and ourselves. I believe that when we take the time to be still and introspective, we can feel and hear what is being said to us. For some this is universal energy or your inner voice, for some it's speaking with God or prayer. I suppose it's a personal experience for each individual person. I also feel that many of us are too busy and wrapped up in our daily lives to remember or allow ourselves to really listen. And this is where Tasha comes in!

My experience with Tasha was wonderful.

When she relayed to me the guide and message she felt I needed, it hit so close to home, right away, but like many busy mothers, I wasn't able to sit and really reflect on the message until later in the evening.

When I did, I felt that Tasha had confirmed what I knew in my heart to be true, but I hadn't allowed myself to listen. It is eye-opening to hear another person echo your inner thoughts.

I think, often times, we know what we need and what is right and true for us, but we struggle to really just DO what we know we need too because of outside noise. The fear of judgement from others, or even ourselves. We never truly let go because we fight back and fourth with ourselves. Oddly enough, a majority of her message was about internal struggle and about allowing yourself the care and love of growing and changing and becoming.

Putting the guide and message she relayed to me into use in my daily life is a day-by-day thing. It's not a quick fix. It's spending time each day to really reflect on what she opened up to me. Self-work, love and healing are always a process, but she reminded me that it IS necessary and vital to our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being. Water and feed your soul! Be still and listen.

Tasha's services really are for everyone! The highly spiritual and the not-so-spiritual. You only have something to gain by opening yourself up to new experiences and wisdom!

Ashley M.

Tasha is very connected and is able to see to the heart of the manner. She reads energy and is able to clearly relay information that she receives. I highly recommend her work. Everything she does is based on love.

Christine R.

Tasha is incredibly intuitive. I had a card reading by her but it was so much more. She not only pulled and interpreted cards for me but she perceived information for me through her body. Tasha's guidance helped me see through a somewhat clouded situation. I am grateful for her services.

Chelsey E.

I've never had a reading before, and really had no expectations as to what to expect. That being said, when I read what Tasha wrote, my heart raced, I held my breath, and I smiled as I finished looking over her reading. It was as though she had peeked into my inner most spirit and confirmed that the work I'm doing in life and business, is on the right track. The most helpful bit was knowing who and where to go to "check in" with myself. This level of introspection and reminder to purposefully work towards and with synchronicity has stayed with me every day since Tasha's reading. What a blessing her work is!

Jessica H.

You are such a blessing. A beautiful soul full of such loving and pure intention. I've had the opportunity to enjoy the many gifts you've been blessed with in a few different ways. Having my cards read by you was one of them. It was such a special experience for me because of where I was in my own life. The reading was beautiful and timely. Your message was so accurate and it served as perfect confirmation of all the things I was feeling. It also gave me great direction and clarity. Such a gift! Also, I really appreciate you're ability to do this from anywhere. The truth is if I had to make an appointment and leave my house it would likely never have happened. Another gift I've had the opportunity to experience is your willingness to share and teach about your experiences and knowledge. Whether it's explaining a technique, listening with compassion or confirmation, you offer your heart. You're a leader...a kind, wise, passionate and brave leader. I'm thankful to know you, blessed that you share your magic with the world and thankful for you willingness to blaze a trail. Your doing so is laying a foundation that many will grow from and the best part, you do it in such a GRACE filled way that it makes everyone wants to come along. Thank you for all you do

Angie G.

© By the Moon Oracle.