You cheer. I cheer. We all Cheer for Mascara.

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

In my previous life, before January, I was a lash slinger.

But even before providing the Peninsula with makeup I was a mascara kinda woman. I don't feel women "need" makeup but you can be damn sure I'm going to wear mascara.

So when I decided to leave my makeup slinging days behind horizons? Focus on my kids, our business, and do some soul searching, I knew eventually I'd be faced with

*GASP* having to pay for makeup again.

Luckily for me, leaving the makeup world behind gave me a little more room to think about what I was putting on, in, and around my body. It also gave me a chance to breathe a little. Between my ongoing quest to find healthier home and beauty alternatives (organic, natural, or minimal ingredients) and my continued journey of simplifying, my makeup routine had become...well, more simple. I purged, I downsized, I thought about my must-haves, and I kept a few fun things and continued my search.

Back to mascara. I used the last of my previous mascara. I ordered a new brand- one I knew was no better...maybe worse (ingredients) but it had the promise of giving me long full lashes. I reasoned with myself. With my increase of organic, local, non-gmo food and my overall decrease in makeup wearing- I can justify this mascara. As expected my lashes did look great but the formula irritated my eyes and after only 2 weeks began to dry up. This was not going to work.

Then my aha moment! L-Dawg, Larissa, had been telling the FB world all about her new mascara. It promised long lashes. It promised a healthier alternative for ingredients. It sounded up my alley. OK, I AM doing it.

Here is the actual dialogue, to my recollection, used to purchase the mascara.


"Ya, T-hizzle"

"I need the stuff"

"On it. Drop me a PayPal and I'll drop it in the mail"

I received the mascara in a timely manner. Larissa has my same "must do it now" personality so that's a bonus! First time i used the mascara i was happy with the application. It is "stickier" compared to other mascaras due to the beeswax. This isn't a challenge for application more just a quality. Lashes are well coated with first application and honestly only need one. A second coat will provide a little more "volume" in my experience not necessarily length. If I can get one long lean badass application in one coat- that's more time I save! Top it off with a safer formula- all the heart eyes if you know what i mean! If you want to take it a step further I did a muscle test and tada it passed! Guess who will be purchasing Beauty Counter mascara forever? Me, unless my eyelashes decide to grow long, lean, wispy, and dark!

The video below is my verbal review on the mascara- I KNOW you love my videos! I briefly get to talk about the lip colors and the gentle wash before a sweet dear child comes running in! I am so excited on this mascara that I've asked Larissa to set up a link where I can share the goodness with you. It's been over a week that I've secretly been working with BC mascara and its not once caused irritation. It honestly makes me feel like I AM not wearing anything. To remove the mascara takes more time than I was used to but is worth the extra "effort". I haven't used it long enough to know how long one tube will last but will keep you updated.

I can only tell you guys what I read and research- I am not affiliated with Beauty Counter and don't claim to know everything! As always please do your own research. I do my best and strive to purchase products that are safer for me and my family but still "work". What I find acceptable and what you find acceptable may differ.

What I can tell you right now though is


  • The lip sheers are divine!

The mission of the company is strong and aligns with my values of creating a world where we don't have to read labels. I know they aren't perfect but they are striving to do the best they can and they are raising the standards for other companies. Check out the list they provide of toxic ingredients to avoid!

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