You are not stuck. Part 2.

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Recently a friend came over and talked with true JOY. It was in his voice, his heart, and his eyes! He talked about his "vacation", his paternity leave. Recently his wife (my sweet friend) had given birth to their second baby. Time away from his full-time job was showing him a glimpse of what life could be like. They, like us, have a part-time business (dream). His days went a lot like this. Spend time with wife, enjoy brand new baby, explore with his toddler, work on their home, grow their garden and dreams. He went to work for himself during the day. Leaving the house with his name on his truck, his shirt, and his business card. I know this feeling of happiness, I have seen this sense of egoless pride from my own husband. I could picture it in my mind's eye. He was home for meals. He could play with babies. He could see his wife and fully participate in their life. The SAME feeling we experience when are in Grounded Tree Service life. Its the alignment of your heart with your life.

As he was catching us up on their life he said

"I could do this, I mean I could really do this. Being with family, working for myself, I could do this."

And with every emphasis on doing, you could feel his true desire. Then there was a slight pause as if someone else was listening. Someone else or someones ego...the voice that tells you it's not possible, it's not worth it, it's not how life is. "Reality" took over and dimmed the light, the life he seeks.

"But realistically, I mean, that can't happen"...

Can't is a killer, guys...And then here comes the rest of the dream killers.

"... steady income, insurance..."


The things that patriarchal society tells us we need to survive. Because that's what life is about, right? Surviving. Forget happiness, love, passion, joy, and dreams. We need steady, safe, hardworking, dream killing survival....because that makes us feel in control. Or is it? It's stifling, it's draining, it's an old way of thinking. Besides, did we even resonate with that anymore? It certainly didn't feel like it. Our hearts knew better. Sometimes our brains tried to bring us back to an old way of thinking but we would never return to an old way of thinking again. We couldn't. We had redefined reality with our biggest leap of faith.

I AM redefining the term "reality" for you now. It's limiting to think of it in an old paradigm. Its fear based and it's time to come from love. This new paradigm and your reality are what you chose to let happen and reality is what you now align your dreams and actions with.

We may have nodded at his statement of "what realistically" has to be but I could tell our hearts didn't feel that. We scanned our own life to see if what we believed was reflecting in our life right now. You see we were there too.

We could see ourselves in him but we also knew we had tools. Life tools. New reality tools. We have knowledge that we didn't have before. We had the proof from 4th & Jones (leap of faith, Bagley story).

I wanted to share with our friend to remind him that we can live our happiest lives. One must trust and take action. The key is being open and ready to accept what is possible when you build your life on trust and love. You have to leave behind worry and fear.

Here is the thing:


It's in our true nature to live in love. You can take leaps or you can take baby steps but you must trust and go forward to create your new reality. If you stay in survival mode (fear) your reality will reflect that. Staying afloat but lacking true joy and passion. You can step forward in trust (love) and experience the beauty of thriving...Are you ready?

I AM ready.

Thank you, friend, you had no idea you'd be an inspiration to us, to me, and for this blog. You didn't know and you still don't know. When I publish this and if by chance you read this, you'll know. You'll say "Hey that's me!" I hope that reading this gives you something to think about. Helps you align with your true values and allows you to implement them even more fully in your life. We love you and we love your family.

© By the Moon Oracle.