You are not stuck. Part 1.

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

I've been racking my brain on how to tell the story of our Bagley Dream or rather the catalyst of this journey...actually all of it. I'll call this a pre-post to Part 1 of The Bagley Dream.

I promise the next thing I write will be how this all came to be.

The absence of this story is not a matter of unfolding the story in the perfect way but a matter of needing inspiration so you could feel it. Finally inspiration hit! Then it hit again. Repeatedly it came to me I just didn't realize it at the time. I thought people were just sharing their stories with me and they all carried the same kind of tune. Funny how things will continue to make their presence until you stop and see why they keep coming up.

Here it is, here is the inspiration:

You are not stuck.

The dreams you have are seeking you

Let me say that again. You are not stuck. The dreams you have are seeking you. They are ready to manifest and they are waiting for you to move forward.

Make a choice. It's my personal experience and opinion that the following happens:

The universe (GOD, Divine Source, higher power) will bring you experiences that force you to make changes in your life. By letting go and participating they will flow easily. By holding on tightly and resisting the change these experiences can result in more of a struggle. You will be faced with the decision to let go and be carried or to resist and be met with sometimes harsher circumstances. Each will lead you to the intended outcome but one journey may prove easier to travel.

I also believe you can block what is trying to manifest by not being open to the possibility of abundance (financial, emotional, etc). You literally block what you seek and can miss the opportunity entirely.

Lately, we've been feeling a little stuck around our house. We had been cruising on a wave of forward momentum for over a year so I suppose we were due for that period that comes after. You've come off the high, you've adjusted, you have a handle on it, and you're ready for the next phase to take place but its just not "time" yet. That's the truth of it that there is a "wait" time. The gestation. The building before the next birthing. What we felt though was stuck in between. Feeing the drag from the old and promise of the new.

The old was bothering us so much because it no longer fit with our "new" life and the life we were working towards. We needed to stop "fighting" so much with what season we were in. We needed to let go...more. It was time to make clear intentions and connect the dots. All around me I see and hear- literally as if these friends and acquaintances are drawn to sharing their stories with me (us). Stories of feeing stuck. Of not feeling worthy. Of not knowing how to get where they want to be. That what they dream isn't meant to happen. Their own doubt overcomes their will to try. It's frustrating because I see that in our life. I AM identifying in their story part of mine and to that I say

This does not serve YOUR soul: This does not serve MY soul

The excuses, the victim status is not working. Maybe I AM being called. These stories are coming forth so that I may continue to heal my own disbelief and to inspire others to heal theirs. No, you cannot do the work for others. I've learned this. I continue to learn this every time I try to take someone's pain away, To make their life happier, healthier, or to cure them. You and only you can heal (to make whole) and change your life. I can be an inspiration to you. I can be a story of overcoming doubt and worry and bring you a new story of hope, belief, and rising up!

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