The Empath Gift

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

This morning I knew I needed to clear some emotions.

I could have guessed from the way I was feeling they weren't mine. Being an "aware empath" I can usually tell if they belong to me or I have picked up someone else's emotions. If you are an "unaware empath", sorry, so sorry. That used to be me until I learned the term empath (or highly sensitive person) and finally felt like something described what was going on with me! I can become physically ill, emotionally upset, and overall confused about how or why I am feeling a certain way.

These can be picked up by being in contact with someone face to face, over the phone, or if you have this gift as I do: NO need to even have talked to this person (or the world) to pick up on the way one is feeling inside!

Back to this morning, I began to clear my emotions. Today I used The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I found that all the trapped and hidden emotions belonged to my oldest son, Wyatt. Clearing after clearing they all belonged to him and I had managed to pick them all up.

In my defense, I am a mama bear. I believe some of the reason I take on emotions or physical symptoms of another is to try to alleviate the pain of those suffering. If I can't make the situation better, subconsciously by taking on their emotions, I feel it'll take it away from them. Of course, CONSCIOUSLY I know this makes no sense whatsoever. Now instead of one suffering, we have two. I can't help someone pull out of a funk if I am now in their funk.

Happily, I can say I have really done my work on understanding being an empath and being aware of shielding myself and remembering to best help someone means I stay strong, inspiring, comforting.

So you might feel my surprise when I continued clearing his emotions from me (and then I can clear him using myself) Why was I still so susceptible to taking on others feelings? Had I let this affect my day, my behavior, my outlook? Why am I so empathetic? Doing some quick analyzing, I found I hadn't let this change my behavior the way it used to. Well, that's good!

At that moment I had an AHA moment!

In that one moment of clearing Wyatt's 5th emotion from me- I understood what I had...

I had The Gift of an Empath!

Yes, a gift! Often I had thought of being so sensitive as a curse, I knew it wasn't, I knew it was a gift but most times I just wished I could understand what I need to know and not soak it in so deep. This, in fact, is a blessing and a specific blessing to a certain prayer I had been asking to be answered.

You see, I had been asking and asking God/Universe/My guides/those around me to help Wyatt talk to me. I wanted to understand him when he couldn't tell me what was going on inside. I wanted to be able to do something for him when I knew he needed "help" but couldn't express or even make sense of his emotions.Hello- open your eyes and expand your awareness on how prayers are answered! Do I not always say that?

I am sure the angels are both facepalming and dancing that I finally figured it out! I have been given the gift and ability to know what my son is feeling and about whom or what.

I can clear myself and then clear him and in that, I am able to help him identify what he is feeling by what I just discovered. I can help him open up to a conversation. This is what I've been asking for! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For all those who are empathetic or through this blog post have discovered they are- there is hope! When you accept what you are or what gifts you have they can open you up to answered prayers. You are unique! Sometimes trying to "fix" or make something go away that is so clearly engrained in you (empathy) because you don't understand it- is not the answer! I know my sensitivity is a tool for being a better mom, friend, and Oracle.

Embrace who you are and ask how to best use your gifts.

( To learn more about emotional clearings and trapped emotions I suggest doing a quick google search, check out the book "The Emotion Code", learning about EFT and NET...I will be writing about this soon!)

*Updated 9/1 a live Facebook video released "Empathy: the good, bad, and the boundary"

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