The Bagley Dream- Chapter 4

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I remember the day we moved to "our next home before our home".

It held a new start with endless possibilities. Of course, we still thought we had a plan, we were still beginners if you will. Our plan was a minimum of 6 months in this home. We would either go back to 4th & Jones or we would be where "we wanted to be". Cut and dry with not a lot of nailed down action in between.

Turns out moving to Adam's aunts home opened up more possibilities in a short amount of time. As with our leap of faith (moving out of our home with complete trust), we saw all the universe had waiting for us. It was like the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale we picked up the treats along the path. Except when we got to the house there was no witch waiting to eat us instead it was the next part of our journey. Literally, one step at a time we would pick up what was waiting for us. Listening to our inner voices and following the trail.

Moving three blocks down the street was like moving to the country. Aha, thanks "life" you're giving us a taste of what country life is like. What I mean by that was we were only three blocks away from our old home and there was a raccoon family, a deer family with sweet new babies, a birds nest with baby birds and that was just the outside! The inside of the house felt like home. For someone who is a total homebody and can't get a good night sleep away from her bed, this house felt like home. It was bright, peaceful, and HAPPY. I loved 4th & Jones so this made me feel spoiled to leave our home and arrive at a larger and brighter version.

I kept repeating to Adam

"Doesn't this feel like home?"

to which FINALLY he agreed with me and said

"Yes, it does, but it is like home because it was my grandma's house so I did grow up here"

Ah, right I forgot about that part. Well good, it was home for both of us.

With plans to only stay for 6 months, we kept the majority of our things in storage and brought only the "essentials". Beds, furniture, a few dishes. By a few dishes, I really mean a few dishes. Like 6 mason jar cups, 4 plates, 4 bowls, etc. What was the point of really unpacking just to pack up? We were minimalists. That was great but about 4 months in I couldn't stand to see this large happy house feel so empty. So I had a talk with the house and we came up with the agreement that while we were here I should treat it just like my own home.

This house was providing us with so much happiness that I needed to take care of her. I took out some decor, brought in some more dishes...ok all of the kitchen "stuff" and put it away in the cupboards that taunted me by being so bare! I took out the carpet in the extra bedroom revealing painted hardwood floors, replaced the dated drapes, and added some area rugs. Adam fixed up the fence, mowed the lawn, we planted some flowers.

As the months went on I invested in my friend, Chelsea, to help redo the upstairs. So out went the old shag carpet, up went some burlap covered cork boards, new shelves, desk, lots of gold spray paint to create an office. Oh, did I skip over a HUGE reason why we needed an office? That's right that business Adam had dreamed of creating... we went ahead and DID that.

Welcome- Grounded Tree Service- another dream comes true with a lot of faith, listening to the inner voice, following guidance, seeking guidance, and GOING FOR IT.

Yes, that's it, you must do those things. I AM excited to talk to you about how this happened! All in Divine Timing of course. With taking up a job at Autumn's holistic office I was introduced to a whole world of resources I previously didn't "know" was available. Why I say "know" is because I knew these things "existed" but I just didn't know. Synchronicity became my best friend and the rest as they say "is history". Does that make sense? It will when I go into that! But for now, I must finish up this part 4.

Lets recap:

Leap of Faith worked SO incredibly well for our family and our tenants family. We trusted we would be taken care of and we were better than we could have planned. You see with planning everything down to the very detail, the exact possibility of how something could "logically" work out, takes a lot of the *magic* the universe is waiting to show you. Don't block what's waiting for you by planning step by step without room for Divine Intervention! Have a dream (a want, a goal, a vision) and make steps in alignment with the universe. Have honest conversations with alot of trust. Remain positive in your affirmation that what you want wants you too. Speak as if it has already happened. You are already where you want to be, you have what you want to have, you are who you want to be. If you are unsure of the "how" don't let that stop you.


We said this the night before we "found" our renters.

"Universe/God this is what we want ________, we don't know how to get there. Show us “the how” and guide us to be brave in creating our life". You must be willing to be open to the "signs" and you must be willing to show up for the signs. What I AM saying is in order to receive the magic (and more of it) you must BELIEVE in the magic. If you don't believe how else do you expect this magic to work? You're literally saying "I don't believe this is magic, I don't believe things are going to work out, so show me but I AM still NOT going to see it as you might as well not even show up because I don't believe in you".

Sometimes it gets tough (especially if you're "new") to keep the positive mindset, the one that BELIEVES through everything you will be guided and taken care of. Trust me when I say the rewards are greater than you could ever expect. All this requires from you is belief and showing up. A whole world of opportunities and magic arrived for us at every turn that we took in alignment with what we wanted (from our hearts). New jobs, intuition, new people in our lives, a soul coach, an energy healer, teaching opportunities, more letting go, more receiving, more dreams, more trust, less anxiety, less control. We gained so much. We let go of so much. It is a beautiful cycle and its always available for anyone.

The more "in tune" you become with what you want the more guidance will come along. The more you seek these "opportunities" the more you will find direction. You don't have to feel stuck anymore. You will learn to feel the rhythm of your life. You will know when it's forward momentum, you will know when its a time of rest, you will know when it's an in-between time.

There is so much I AM "learning" and so much I want to show you all. For those who are ready to believe in themselves let me help inspire you on your journey. Let me show you people who can help you. Not ready for that kind of *magic* in your life? Let me continue to unfold my story(s) and be a lighthouse for you. I'll shine the light and you'll be ready to sail soon!

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