The Bagley Dream- Chapter 3

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

I have 20 minutes to tell you the climax of the story! 20 minutes and a cold cup of coffee. 20 minutes because I started this summer routine with the kids and they're reading on a timer as we speak! (Thank you Marnae). Cold coffee because I AM a mom!


We were ecstatic!

We didn't have time to worry about where we were going and for how long. We also knew that we still owned 4th & Jones so we could always go back after our renters moved out. Time to get cracking. Things we knew we wouldn't need but wanted to keep (decor, books, photos, extra blankets) were sent right to the garage in totes. We quickly and without too much contemplation sold, gave away, or donated A LOT.

I posted on facebook that we were spring cleaning our house. Honestly, it really felt good to let go of so many things. With this "opportunity" we had the ability to really look at it from a standpoint of "do we love this enough to store it and move it twice" and "how much is too much, do we need 5 baking pans?". I was so into this clearing and decluttering that I may have forgotten I had a 2-month-old baby boy and decided to sell all the baby toys and bigger baby clothes.

It was in the moment of letting go, joy, and trusting that Adam's cousin, Shauna, claimed very excitedly...A large Mr. Potato Head and some baby boy clothes. She texts me "Wow, you guys are doing some serious spring cleaning". We hadn't told anyone what we were doing but I listened to myself when I felt compelled to tell her what we were really doing. I have always had this connection with Shauna. I'm not sure if it's her nature because she just comes in loving you like her own or because we really do have this awesome sister/friend/cousin thing.

Me- "Ya, so about that, we're actually secretly moving out of our house"

S- "Really, what are you going to do and where are you going to go?"

Me= "Actually not sure about that we're kinda riding on the universe right now"

S "...moms house is empty, do you want me to ask her if you can stay there"

Me " yes please!"

It was nothing we would have ever asked or thought about.

Honestly, we thought one of our parents would take us in and let the 5 of us stay in a bedroom or we'd have to buy a trailer and park it somewhere. Tell you the truth we hadn't thought past the moving out and knowing it was the right choice.

I remember when C (our tenant) asked where we were going to go and when I told her we didn't have anywhere she said: "Are you sure we can move in?". Oh yeah totally, its all in the plan for us to move out so its all in the plan for us to go somewhere!

Shauna messaged us 4 days before we were going to move out.

The next day was the longest wait of our life. Her mom was coming over that night and she was going to ask her then. We didn't hear back that night. Or that morning. Or that afternoon. I couldn't take it anymore I texted. It was OK with us if we wouldn't be able to stay at her house but we thought it best, with 2 days to move out, we get on an actual plan. She messaged back that her mom had planned to call us...YES, call us AND....she totally said yes but she wanted you to call her to talk details.

Talk about thanking the universe, God, family, and doing a happy dance! I could buy a teapot (I sold ours), we'd have a house, not only a house but a big house with two bathrooms, and it was 3 blocks away! This was all in Divine plan now that I could see we weren't going to be on the streets. I told Adam when I got off the phone and we had this moment of pure gratitude. We took time to collect our excitement and fully give thanks for answered prayers and being taken care of.

I'll shorten the details of our conversation with Adam's Aunt, it was full of mutual gratitude and many thanks. We filled her in on our "plan". "Plan"= we would at least be here for 6 months and we would love to take care of the house. Keys were sent and we moved our things 3 blocks to our home in between homes. This was like going on vacation. We were out of our old routine and could think really clear on what it is we wanted. We felt the need to discuss often where we see ourselves individually, marriage, our family, and our dreams. It is OK to change plans (grow), its ok to let some dreams rest (let go), and it is ALWAYS best to picture your happiest life (dream big). Because doing life together we wanted to be on the same page.

The leap of faith timeline was like this:

May 19th- Converse with the universe to trust and help us create our best life. We decided we would move out of the house. Rent it or sell it. We couldn't be stuck anymore.

May 20th- Universe aligns us with like-minded friends. They want to dream big and need a house ASAP. Message, coordinate, trust the synchronicity!

May 27th- Find a place to stay!

May 29th- MOVE 3 blocks down and align with our dreams!

Does anyone else see how *MAGIC* this is? We decided, trusted, sold everything we didn't need, packed entire house, found renters, found a house and moved in 10 DAYS!

We had been "stuck" in our home IE "comforting/secure" life for 9 years and when we decided to take one move towards what we knew was meant for us. "It" came together in 10 days!

Let me tell you what happens when you start to align yourself what's meant for you. Synchronicity begins to pick up. You notice magic/signs/doorways of opportunity. As we moved out of our house a few things happened. I was "offered" more like "please do this with me!" a job with my bestie...for my bestie at her Nutritional office. Actually, in the time we were making strides towards our happiest life, so was she. Before Layden was born she had this plan to change (grow) her business and was moving into an office that would accommodate an office manager: ME. The only condition was I had to bring my baby to the office. Um, excuse me. Who gets that kind of awesome opportunity? Work with your best, bring your baby to work, and explore a whole world of *Neat* things.

Spirituality, nutrition, muscle testing, chakra work...Sound good? Yah, me too. I was on board. When we moved, she moved, ("just like that"- Ludacris) and it all worked out that I was set to go to work the second week of June.

Now this will take a whole new direction at this point! I can't fit in all that opened up for us as a result of taking this HUGE leap of faith. I will, however, give you a glimpse.

We met different people that at the time may have seemed nothing more than new friends but a year later would prove it was all in Divine plan, we saw people that helped us take steps to further grow, we created and opened a business in a two week window, we learned about ourselves, tapped in to innate gifts, and MORE!

In closing this part 3- I want to thank those who (up to this point) were *key* people:

Dianna (Adam's Aunt) for being so gracious with her home. The moment we walked into this house, it felt like home. It's a happy place that for the last year has provided many opportunities for us (and others!), given our kids a fun and safe neighborhood to play in, and continued our trust in timing!

Shauna- the bridge between not knowing where we were going to giving us the most beautiful opportunity for a HOME!

Chelsea & Chase for dreaming big and letting us give you a home in between homes so that you could grow your dreams! For doing the same for us- giving us the comfort to go for it!

Autumn- for being my twin flame in this and showing me how to grow spiritually and opening up to a "world" that I always knew was there. For loving my baby enough to make him the office mascot!

Important things you should know

We did not replace our teapot. For a year we used a pot and boiled water! Genius

Recently we upgraded to a water dispenser with instant hot! This is a life changer. Hello, the French press immediately.

This post took me way longer than 20 minutes to write. My kids are being "patient" they did read their 20 minutes and now I HAVE to hold up my end of the bargain and help with a chore, do my reading, and let them watch a show since I bribed them.

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