The art of letting go

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

When I feel my perfectionism creep back in I know the only thing to do is

Let go.

Why is it so hard to let go?

You can let go of people, things, habits, jobs, ideas, dreams, control.

Surrender. That's what letting go is. Not to be confused with defeat. Defeat would deem your dreams, the holding on- hopeless. Surrendering is knowing that whatever larger being is at play has your back- you don't need to worry. Worrying is useless and a waste of time. Whatever will be will be and no amount of worrying will change that.

How do you know when you need to let go? This may look different or feel different for everyone but here are ways I know it's time for me to breathe and let go.

  • I AM trying to push something that's resisting

  • I AM caught in the perfectionism trap

  • I AM constantly at thought about something (overthinking)

  • Something or someone is no longer serving me and I AM still trying to make it work.

These are just a few. Lately I think my main resistance to letting go has been mental. The overthinking, the worrying- all emotional. Don't even get me started on the side effects of emotional stress!

The art of letting go.

How can we just let it really that easy?

Easy? Maybe for some. For me it's a learning process. I AM learning to recognize my tendencies to hold on when I need to release. With practice it gets better and sometimes faster.

So how is it you just STOP worrying?

Stop holding on.

Just begin to let go.

1) Recognize the above actions (and your personal ones) as an act of holding on

2) Pray, clear, release what you are grasping so tightly so that you may look at it with clear eyes and a clear heart.

3) Know the undesirable energy (overthinking, worrying, mistrust, etc) you are putting into something is energy that will attract or block what you seek.

This is a good thing if what you are putting out there is TRUST, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE. This is not such a good thing if your energy is blocking what you seek from overthinking (not trusting, i AM not worthy) or worse giving you EXACTLY what energy you are radiating (lack, greed, sadness, worry) The universal law of attraction baby. I will say over and over and over- what you think you become. Thoughts are energy that will manifest. I AM not saying its easy to remain on the attraction and trusting side, I AM just saying energy doesn't lie!

4) What you seek is seeking you and will never pass you up. If you "take a wrong turn" you will always be guided back to what your soul needs to experience. Know that "wrong decisions" are never wrong. Your soul needed to experience that lesson, meet that person, feel that feeling... TRUST

There is so much more I can touch on with the art of letting go and I will. I want to know if you have experience with either the actual letting go or the struggle of needing to let go. Let's work together and help each other live a happier more harmonious life. Full of Trust. Full of knowing our worth. Full of love.

© By the Moon Oracle.