New beginnings

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Happy Spring!

Thank you for joining me on my journey! I feel like creating a new blog is like moving into a new home or office that's 10 times the size. I have more space to decorate. I can cover more ground. I can expand what I have to offer in the way of teaching, reaching, and loving through my writing. I realize when you live through a Metamorphosis there is some what of an expectation to be/do/create/accomplish from the outside world. I have lived enough expectation internally that I AM going to undo old patterns and live this creation by allowing it to flow. In a space of creation- I think expectation kills the romance and therefore I won't make promises of appealing to everyone, or writing everyday, or telling your truth- after all that's for you to uncover. I will allow my writing to flow authentically, truthful for me, and if you're open words that can awaken magic in you. 

Bloom Sister Bloom

*extra thanks to my sister friend who sent me this quote & brought the beautifully organic and timely message of Metamorphosis* 

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