Manifesting Dreams

It feels surreal to finally write this blog post, to finally get to throw my hands in the air with excitement that it's real and our home has sold! You see I am ecstatic to write and tell you all about it but it's already been written, visualized, and a reality two years ago. That's how it works you visualize, align, believe, wait...and then...boom it happens! Believing it's already happened creates the energy that it will happen because you've accepted it as part of the plan, part of your reality, and what is possible in your life. Whatever that may be...that's how it works. So let me tell you this true life story full of magic, synchronicity, faith, surrendering...and more faith.


If you haven't read my stories of our home and our dream home I will give you the back story. You can find the complete blog entries in the older posts section. Over two years ago we made the long overdue but of course divinely timed decision to pack up and move out of our home. The home we were outgrowing with babies and business. Our dreams were evolving and we needed to move to create them. We kicked out self limiting beliefs, we kicked out logic, we kicked out pen to paper reality and used our hearts to make what we call our "leap of faith" decision. We began selling and packing up the contents of our home and prepared to move our 3 young children (ages 1 month, 2, and 4) anywhere we needed to go to start living our dream. At that point it was exactly nowhere and at best we thought my husband's mother would take us in her 2.5 bedroom home with her for at least 6 months while we "figured" it out. Luckily and faithfully the universe rose and responded to our life betterment plan and alas we had renters and a week before we were to leave we were gifted this beautiful family home to rent for as long as we needed, which was currently empty, 3 blocks down the street, larger, and totally our style. That's right, did I mention at the time of our plan we didn't exactly have renters or a place to go. I still have to say "thank you universe" and pinch myself to even see how perfect of a story this is. A classic reminder that if you set the tone to raise your vibration and start to see better for yourself, the universe/GOD will respond and if you get out of the way and not always try to figure out the how, your freaking mind will be blown at how magical it works out. I would say a scientific experiment would reveal the universe works it out about 10 times better than you could have dreamed. But that's just science. Whose word are you going to take for it?

Alright, time crunch the last two years and we had 2 families rent our home, 1 newlywed couple, a few empty months where we stressed at double mortgage, double utilities, double insurance- asking God "why, why, why?", a handful of me picking up my husband and then him picking me up, never losing faith, and always hearing the whispering from spirit "It will be worth it. Trust." Back and forth to whether we would "sell sell" as in really market it not just Facebook page and Zillow. We talked to our knowledgable realtor friend and she did some factoring for us and told us we'd need to be prepared to bring $20,000 to the table to be able to sell our home. Well we knew that wasn't going to happen. She wasn't wrong, that was the market now vs when we purchased our home in the height of the market! We knew she was right statistically but we knew that wasn't our reality at all. We had one offer on the home that went to closing and she didn't fit our vision but she was offering- cash- and she wanted it bad. It went all the way to closing until she backed out. After that we wondered if we would we rent it until the market got better but argued back at ourselves "Remember your dream- you must sell your home to buy dream home". One thing we did during this whole time was BELIEVED. We knew no matter how much time we felt this was taking it would happen. We for real, like for real real, knew and believed IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. We understood what we want happens with free will and divine timing. It happens in GOD time not our time. Now in our case this mean't everything we had been manifesting required it to line up not only with us but the others involved. Meaning for instance, the buyers we'd been dreaming up needed to decide to want to buy a home, decide to look on Zillow or drive by the house or hear about our home. Divine timing is magical, it's Holy, it sees all that we cannot even see as a potential in our reality. Divine timing sees all the wonderment we cannot even see in our peripherals, guys! I literally couldn't see ALL this magic unfolding.

After a year and a half of "working" this manifesting gig, I visited our soul coach to get some insight and guidance on the home sale and ask about our property we had always had in forefront (the spark that led to our leap of faith). During our session she relayed the most potent information about our home selling process. It was that we seemed to be focusing so much on our future that we weren't being present in the now. As much as I love love love not being realistic, in fact I try not to live "there" because if you're too much grounded and separate from your dreams and possibilities you block so much magic! On the other hand if you're so much in the stars (raise hand emoji) you can't bring down those dreams and ground them into reality. I digress, we discovered in our forward thinking we weren't present for the present situation which was our home needed to be sold before we could even consider buying another property. Our current direction should be not manifesting the dream home but to really focus on the sale of our current home. How is it going to happen? Who will it be.? Live as if your home has sold and gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

SO, it was time to manifest our buyers. In almost verbatim we wrote checks to the universe (wishes to the universe)

Dear Universe,

Thank you for the fast, profitable, easy sell of (address goes here) by owner to the young, sweet couple who want to settle down, love our home as much as we do, and want to buy their first home.


The Bruch family

First step complete- manifest buyers. Next step- identify blockages on selling our home! You might ask how could you block the sale of your home if you wanted it so bad and more so how did you not see that? Worry creates blocks. Doubt creates blocks. Fear creates blocks. Did we have a little of that? Yes. I had some fear. I am not even sure why it's a fear, besides the fact there are two root emotions- love and fear- and this blockage was not a love blockage because love doesn't block! I had this childhood emotion coming out of me that if we sold our home we wouldn't be secure. We wouldn't have stability. We wouldn't have a solid place to "go". I knew I wanted our dream home so badly but I wasn't 100% ready to surrender my home. I knew our home was literally wherever we were together. Home isn't 4 walls, a perfect property, where you were born. Home is the memories you make with the people you love and I was living that in a new home that wasn't even our home- so there, I was living proof that I could surrender our first home...where all three babies were born...where we lived when we got married...etc etc. You can see how this can be emotionally hard. I had to come to terms with how I was subconsciously feeling so that I could clear them. My husband had his own reserves and blocks that we talked about and brought to light. We also did a family releasing of our home...oh yah you're getting all the woo-woo tricks of the process. Just kidding there is so much more...Like planting Saint Joseph outside facing the house. He's the bringer of good luck and prosperity for home selling and you better believe I was pulling out all the stops. I even added a citrine crystal in the mix. *If you're trying to sell your home or property let me know because it's even better luck to take your successful St. Joseph and pass him to someone else! Right now he's chillin' on display on the fireplace mantle.**


Here is the part of the story that gives me chills. In February I was on my rug in my room reading my daily entry and meditating. Meditating to me is a 30 second to 5 minute time I get to just go in, breath, and listen. I had the clearest, most beautiful image of a blue Iris and the number 23. I just felt all over relaxation and the sense of spring, new beginnings, and birth. It just felt so much like the essence of a baby but I kept feeling our house would get the offer we'd been asking for. It felt like new beginnings and new life. When I got off my rug I then started examining my vision. I am experienced enough to tell you not to do this. I realize I did this but I am telling you, don't do that. Vision meanings are revealed in time and if you try to pinpoint it all you not only ruin the magic of it but you literally will work yourself into confusion. Just let the meaning unfold in time. So for the next month, because I was sure it would be March 23rd that something would be revealed, I anticipated the excitement of learning what my vision meant. Nothing revealed in March...must be April 23rd. The more I opened myself up to the excitement of surprise the more I let go of control and got in the flow of things.

We had inquiries for renting and had been showing it with a lot of interest. I had taken the house off some Facebook groups and mentally had taken it off Zillow. We didn't put up our large "for sale" sign like we had intended to weekend after weekend because of one promising potential renter. We started releasing control it seemed and it was then at 2:50 pm on a school day while I was in the carpool lane that I received a call from a relator whom I thought was calling to see if they could sell my house (this you guys is ironic). I received these calls so often that I was confused at why he'd be calling since I had taken it off Zillow, oh wait I hadn't taken it off Zillow, why are you calling? Yah, imagine his chipper questioning if the house was still for sale as I spoke like I had amnesia. He disclosed he was a realtor but was actually helping his girlfriend search for homes. He excitedly wanted to see it today but because It wasn't possible we made plans for this weekend. I didn't get overly excited this time because I was learning to remain open and unattached. I kid you not, I got home and had another call from someone who was interested in the home. To add to this the next day I had an email from a lady jumping at the bit to come see our home because she wanted to pay cash...she lived in Oregon and all Olympic Peninsula homes were selling before they could even get up here. My babe and I were literally beside ourselves with this energy around Jones street!

At this time our renters were moving out so when the weekend came it was the first I had been in the yard that Spring. You could have froze time when I walked past the front garden bed and saw a gathering of Blue Iris flowers. Would it blow your mind if I told you I never planted those flowers and in the 9 years we lived on Jones street we had never seen them.


It blew my mind. It made me emotional. It made me happy. It felt like deja vu, it felt like the vision I had was coming true and telling me the rest of the story. I met with the second couple who had called, and although they were sweet and I liked them, I knew they weren't the ones we had been dreaming of. Later, Adam and I were inside the house reminiscing on all the work we had done throughout the years when we saw the realtor and his girlfriend walk up the path. Immediately we both KNEW. Heart flutters, warm friendly couple, adorable, young. They walked in the house and again magic at work he says "it feels so good in here"...ugh- yah that's what we ALWAYS say. We smiled at each other. They took a full walk through with total excitement and pointing out their favorite things about the house and ideas that happened to be our favorite things about the house and ideas. You know its mean't to be when so much lines up. We said our goodbyes and left feeling really good about this encounter.

I cannot remember if it was 2 days or 3 but the realtor called and asked if we had an offer on the home yet because he was about to send over their offer by 12:00! I squealed with excitement and thanked thanked thanked the universe. I messaged Adam at work. I tried to grocery shop but I was a high like no other...when you feel the fruition of your dreams coming to reality its ah-mah-zing.

Fast forward to the details you need to hear-

The offer came through-a total fair offer for BOTH parties.

A lot of love going towards Jones street from the buyers

Inspection fast tracked and passed with flying colors

Appraisal fast tracked- passed with flying colors

Awesome realtor made sure every step of closing was communicated and what was to take 60 days took 45 days.

Final closing papers signed and turned in on May 23rd!

Approval was official May 24th.

Our dream for Jones was complete.

Let me review for those who are ready to manifest and make your dreams a reality. Let me show you a few things that logically wouldn't make sense. If you're a realist you'd say impossible but with FAITH says this is reality. We set to sell our house above "current" selling costs, and not only did we want to break even but we wanted to make a little money. We wanted to sell this by owner but also have the paper work legally and confidently taken care of without any extra work from us. How would this be possible, if you sell by owner you are in charge of paper work and getting a lawyer and bringing the papers to the buyers and title company, etc etc. Remembering we didn't need the "how" we just needed to be clear on what we wanted...on our order to the universe. We wanted all that AND we wanted it to be the perfect young couple that we envisioned for Jones street who would love, appreciate, and adore her. We wanted this to be a smooth, easy, fast sale. It's been one month and it keeps getting better. Remember we were told we'd have to bring money to the table and we figured we'd have to pay a lawyer? Paperwork was factored in by the realtor while being able to sell this by owner. It was fast. They are wonderful. They message how much they love it! We are getting refunds from closing, from our insurance company, from escrow. We feel the relief and gratitude from this whole process. We see why it all happened how it happened and are in so much appreciation. We know it could not have worked out any better...We are beginning to see what the universe had planned for us and why our Bagley property had never had a definite answer, and why it needed to take two years to sell. Not just for the appreciation and gratitude cultivated, not just for the perfect buyers to show up, but for an unforeseen gift that would add to our family and alter our dreams. A gift that would expand our hearts and where we would go next...


The universe always see what you cannot. Open your hearts and trust. Take the guidance that you're given. Listen to your heart. Follow your dreams. Don't settle. Always have faith. These aren't just words, affirmations, or a way to turn your day around. They are real and they are meaningful and they are a part of our journey. When you live it you know the power and truth. Dream big and you'll be met with a reality better than your dreams.

Shine on-


© By the Moon Oracle.