Love more

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Love never fails. Does it? If we fail to love, we fail ourselves.

In the midst of one world sadness another arises. I can't stop feeling:

1) Hurt- my heart hurts

2) My heart is breaking wider and bigger- and the love is stronger

3) More love- we need more love.

Its no cliche, its truth, the answer is and will always be LOVE.

What service are we doing to those who hurt and die to greet hate with more hate? I have no solution. I have no solid answers. I have only my love to give. My love to offer. I see in the world a confusion of us vs them.

When will we learn- there is no us vs them? There is only us vs us. If we continue to fail to recognize this when will the hurt, the hate, the aching stop? If you are like me, trying with all your *breaking* heart to put more love into the world, to honor those who are broken, don't you dare let anyone tell you you're wrong.

You keep on loving. You keep on shining. You keep shouldering the hurt for others.

Keep loving with all you have.

© By the Moon Oracle.