How I saved over $100 last month...

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Because this is my personal blog about all things in my life sometimes it feels random.

I know I have an about page and my mission is about living my most authentic life full of magic and introducing you to that as well and I am not sure how this fits in there except for...I know everyone eats food, buys home items, and could use some info on saving money.

I have been S L O W L Y working on a "budget" by that I mean I AM shopping all the stores, compiling a list of frequently purchased items, shopping different tools, and meal planning. That's a lot- now I see why I AM still working on it.

Here is what I can share with you now.

Last month I ordered from Thrive Market. I had done a trial run when they first started "getting out there". I had a hard time navigating this site on my phone and although I found some great deals the work of searching deterred me from ordering again. Until last month.

Last month was a real eye opener for our family. Our main portion of income-and more- goes to our grocery and household item. Not willing to compromise our personal values- organic, non gmo, local when possible, gf, sometimes df...made for some "just get what fits the bill and don't think about it". I can sum it up like that but really this is the one area we are not willing to compromise on. I will 100% opt for a more expensive carrot if it is organic and I will most certainly purchase the more expensive organic carrot if it is from a local farmer. Like literally local- in Sequim or Port Angeles.

Why do I do this? Because I want to be the change I wish to see in the world! If I want organic to be the norm, for farmers not to use GMO seeds/food, and for other likeminded locals whose dream it is to grow and provide this food for us than I have to be part of the solution and the solution is SUPPORTING our farmers. I get that this makes my moral values not in alignment with my financial comfort level but a little problem solving never stopped me. In fact, I love a challenge.

I will have a full post coming up on what I have been working on and more about why I purchase what I do but for sake of it being Friday and y'all are probably going to do some shopping soon, let me share with you what I ordered from Thrive Market last month. These are all products I already purchase or ones that hold the same value and "healthy properties" (IE I read ingredients, labels, and muscle test them... to which I will call this "tests well") Because they are non perishables, house hold items, and none are available from true locals I figured this is the best place to start when budgeting. No local farmers get cut out of these purchases and although all my groceries/household items won't be purchased from our local store I had to start somewhere.

What did I buy? How much did it cost vs my normal purchase price elsewhere?

Bob's gluten free oats: $5.49 vs $7.99

Bob's pizza crust: $2.95 vs $4.99 ( purchased 2)

Natures Gate crem de mint toothpaste: $3.49 vs $7.99

Tinkyada spiral pasta: $2.95 vs $4.95 (purchased 2)

EO orange squeeze kids wash: $6.99 vs $10.99

EO meyer lemon handsoap: $3.45 vs $5.99

7th Generation Diapers size 4: $9.49 vs $12.99-$19.99

Thai kitchen organic coconut milk: $2.25 vs $3.99

Thats It apple bars: $15.95 (for 12) vs $20.28 (for 12 individually purchased bars) (purchased 2 boxes)

Mollys Suds70 loads: $9.99 vs $16.99-$19.99 of another brand that I do like but doesn't last me long for the price. I have been playing around with detergents but I figured at great "healthy" reviews of Mollys and it being a small business it would be great to try this.

Probar peanut butter chocolate: $24.95 (12 bars) vs $37.08 (for 12 individually purchased bars) (purchased 2 boxes)

**Savings: Over $100 and sent right to my door!**

Thrive always has ongoing specials and promotions and if you aren't a member you can still receive the emails that let you know what is being offered. For this order I received a free Thrive Coconut Aminos and free shipping. They were happy to work with me when I emailed and let them know I was unsure if I would like to keep my membership until I could see if they offered what I needed. They were happy to let me do a 6 month trial at half the cost. If you don't ask you don't know what is possible.

Also, they have a referral program. I love when companies do this (hello Stitch Fix) because not only do the people who tell you about it get rewarded for sharing the good news but you can too by sharing with your friends. $25 a referral means $25 towards groceries and household items. I like their mission so far: provide healthy, non gmo options, shop by lifestyle (paleo, gf, organic), and get it delivered to your front door. Because please, who wants to leave their house to shop if they don't have too!

Save on my friends!

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