Yogadda be kidding me.

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Forward, backward, or upside down. Just go for it.

Hi beautiful!

Yes, you.

I was wondering if you have something you have really been wanting to do but you just keep waiting for someone to do them for you. Like for instance, I’ve been wanting to start yoga{ing} again. Butttttt, I have put it off.

No time, hassle of kid care, not sure I’ll remember, will I let myself down because of perfectionism (oh, I suffer). I literally want someone to come to my house show me the yoga stuff, get me all meditated and weird and enlightened and then I would be happy. I know you’ll laugh because the other night it hit me that it was probably not going to happen exactly that way.

Like, I MIGHT actually have to be my own hero in this.

So, what did I do? I got upside down.

I challenged myself and then I challenged myself to do it better.

Get your arms bound not hands on the ground. (Hey that rhymes.)

You know what it took?

About 5 minutes.

You know how I felt? Great.

Don’t get caught up in the perfectionism, it’s stifling and it can last forever if You Don’t Take A Step Forward. Or backward, or sidewise, or even on your head.

So, I didn’t go to the gym.

I didn’t attend a yoga class. I didn’t hire a personal yoga guru. What did I do? I did a motha f’n headstand because that is a start. Maybe I’ll do A yoga pose a day or a week or maybe imma bust out a sun salutation after lunch. The beauty is I AM not putting expectations on myself to do it perfectly or not at all. I AM simply doing it as I FEEL. What if that means a year from now I only did that ONE headstand?

It means I didn’t let perfectionism stop me- I DID the headstand.

So, now that I’ve drawn out this story that I feel is amazing and you’re like…

Its.a.headstand….NO, it’s so much MORE than that!

Would you find it helpful, inspiring, or at least silly if I posted about the yoga, or the GOING for it moments? Would it help you with your journey? I feel like it could. You know how I know? I was inspired by someone else who had shown the world their journey, their spark, their go for it moments.

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