Goddess Who

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

I started my Goddess journey two years ago.

Previous to the introduction and exploration of the world of Goddess energy, you would have had me like, "what?". To those who haven't heard of Goddess and how to apply it to your life, or those who think "Oh you think you're a Goddess so we should treat you in such and such way?", and even those who are beginning exploration of the Goddess archetype I offer you a sort of rambling of what it means to me and how I began my personal journey.

Two years ago was the catalyst in my awakening. I began with a mix of what it means to be "woke' and a quest to do this thing called "self-love". My heart was there for what I wanted in life but my ego and head still had a task-oriented checklist of how to obtain what I wanted. As in I thought I had steps to take to achieve (oh, I AM such an "8") this self love aspect that I had been "missing" rather than what is now obvious to me, that self-love is not something you can obtain, self-love is a realization that you are loved right now as you are with no changes to be made only the consciousness to realize your worth.

Self-love isn't just a massage you get, an affirmation you say, a practice you do to achieve something...although all are part self-care because you know your self-worth. Let's stay on task here because I really think a whole exploration and story would unfold of my self-love journey! Now, Goddess, how does this come in to play and really what does that mean to me?

During one session with my dear friend and Eden Energy healer, Christine Rose, she talked to me about Goddesses and if I had a goddess guide or "worked with any goddesses. To be honest, at that time I didn't really see or feel or know how to work with guides let alone a Goddess. I wanted to...I didn't know how to...I was going to be open to but really, Me?

She talked briefly about them and suggested I just research, read, feel and see what resonates with me. So began my exploration into Goddess work. Upon reading I came across a few books but who really really really resonated with me was Sarah Durham Wilson, previously DOitGirl. Her grounded talk about the Goddess archetypes and their stories were fascinating and resonated with me. She made it real to me. She made a mythical story applicable to my life, to our stories, to us as women.

Through synchronicity, another friend sent me what I am now obsessed with watching. During the time of this video arrival, I had my own Kali embodiment. Kali is a Goddess at that time I didn't understand. She is fierce, rages, a destroyer. Although I felt rage at this time: for all that I lived that didn't resonate with me any longer and all the injustices I had seen with new eyes, all the times I was quiet and never stood up for myself, and hated myself for what? Because that is what we are taught. Not what your parents teach you but what the world subliminally teaches you...I felt Kali. When I watched this video it clicked with me. I finally understood the holy power of Kali and "how" she could be a Goddess.

A Goddess is all Energies.

You see I still had this idea that Goddesses were in white, sweet, innocent, revered, doted upon, compassionate, but always "proper" (patriarchal appropriate). Chameli Ardagh ah, I adore her for her storytelling and passion. Do yourself a favor and follow her and watch all her videos if you'd like to understand more about Goddesses. She applies the stories to our lives and she tells us what the Goddess, Gods, Demons represent! It becomes a way to really feel what this energy means. It clicked for me and broke the mold of what I thought a Goddess meant. She allowed me to embrace my Kali so that I could feel my Durga.

I know I haven't given you a play by play explanation of the Goddesses so this may still go over your head but once you've started your own journey, you'll get it.

You have to feel and explore each Goddess because each Goddess is in you. The Goddess energy is not outside of you: she is is in you. She is an archetype of you of the divine feminine. Just as you feel compassionate (Quan Yin) and nurturing and motherly (Mother Mary), and sacred, holy, and strong (Mary Magdalene) and angry at the injustices and willing to start over (Kali) and sexual and beautiful (Aphrodite) you are not many because of these emotions: YOU are the whole. You embody all of these beautiful and necessary energies. You will notice the times when you need to call upon more compassion or call upon strength and this is where the Goddesses can help you.

When I first started my journey I called upon these Goddesses outside of me to help me.

I have learned just as I am a part of God I am a part of these Goddesses.

So now when I call upon them I ask for the strength, the love, the compassion, the courage, the whatever it is- to well up from within me and fill me with that energy. It's beautiful and it's breaking the mold that God and Goddess are outside of us. It's knowing we are a part of the whole.

I hope this introduction entices you to explore the Goddess within you. I feel the call to write more about the Goddess and specific Goddesses who have helped me come into awareness of my own self-worth. The ones who joined me on my descent into the wounds, to the ones who helped me journey back up, and the Goddesses who helped me rise and embody my own empowerment and beauty.

I am blessed and honored to be gathering and celebrating the Goddess with a fellow sister. July 8th, the night before the full moon, Kalei and I will be celebrating with 10 Goddesses sisters (you). We will talk Goddess energy, dance, move, chant, do mantras, kundalini, read Oracle cards, create community, and more. Please join us if you feel the call.

Join in the Moon Goddess Celebration here.

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