Making it count

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Workin' a little less and playin' a little more.

Florida Georgia Line got it right singing 'bout Sundays...or Sun Daze...both are relevant. Sunday is the day in our family where we really try to make it count. Work a little less- play a little more... sometimes we need to put a little extra jack in our coke. Or cider in the mason jar but you do what you gotta do. Summer is a few weeks away yet but yesterday for sure felt like the first day of Summer. What was it like 80 by 10:00!

We woke up at our usual time...5:30. What you sleep in? Weirdos.

Side note- waking up early can be tiresome BUT let me tell you one amazing thing- you get more hours in your day! Coffee is french pressing, cereal is getting busted out- remember its "Summertime" and the livings easy including breakfast. Don't worry, my kids eat like 3 meals they will be ready for banana pancakes, more cereal, or a sandwich by 9.

Like I said coffee is brewing and its Sunday- our day! What are we going to do? Just got a new bike could go bike riding. Oh, it's sunny we could go on a drive. Oh, the lake...Wait, what's this? Kids are fighting. What's that? Tantrums. What is going on here? It's escalated I can't stop it. They are divergent, I can't control them. Just like that in a matter of minutes the whole house is grumpy, cranky, and walking around MAD.

At this point, I want to throw in the towel. I want to be mad too. I think about it and then instead of reacting, like I usually do, I RESPOND. Yup, that's right, I respond instead of reacting and I AM able to keep calm(er). Being an empath is hard when the environment isn't "vibing high".

If you take on emotions of low vibrations (anger, sadness, greed, etc) consciously or unconsciously, you've now created an environment with double that frequency. More, if you've got a crew. So, I keep calm and I put that energy out there for my family to pick up on or at least try to neutralize some of this tension. The air seems to be lighter after a bit of walking around cleaning and sending out good vibes. I won't lie- this is tough!

Sometimes I can only manage to remain neutral and not totally beaming with excitement but the more I see it working the more it reinforces me to continue. I just keep thinking- this is Sunday Funday we have to get outta the funk.

It's working. The mood is lifting. It's beautiful out. We pack up, we go to the store and grab lunch for the lake day. We've got tunes playing, we're talking about dreams, school, camping, remember this and remember that. All the things a good car drive will evoke. Adams uncle and nephew ended up being at the lake. Turns out this is great for all of us. The kids have fun playing, splashing and snacking. Adam has a great time talking and visiting. I have a great time reading a few pages from a book.

Nature is good for the soul. At the lake, you've got all sorts of elements. Water, Earth, Fire- good for the soul. It changes your whole mood when you breathe it in.

Hours pass and we know it's time to leave. You have to meet nap time head on so you don't miss it. We pack up happy, tanned, and rejuvenated. The kids napped the car ride into town and again at home. Rested and ready for round 2, we packed up our bikes and headed to the trails. Let me tell you guys how fun that is. Wyatt was able to race his bike as fast as he could. Piper had a good stretch of smooth ground to really learn how to do her pedal bike. Layden tried out his new bike seat and approved! I learned that getting back on a bike IS just like getting back on a bike...after a few wobbly starts. Again, with nature. The breathing in of cedar, warm air, the mountains, the trees, the outdoors. It is the best way to escape the busy mind.

At the end of the day, we had much to be grateful for. Our gratitude journal had endless things to say about the day. The connection, the grace, the turn of energy, the lake, the northwest, family time, and on and on and on. If we had allowed our rocky start to dictate our day we would not experience such happiness. We changed our energy and our vibration to something higher. We got out of the environment and into nature. This isn't always easy but it is worth it.

The only picture we managed to snap was on the car ride home. Have THAT kind of a day soon. The one where you don't interrupt the moments to take a picture.

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