Defining Home

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

I had one of the best compliments I've had in a long time.

It had to do with our home. My sanctuary. The place that's most important to me.

Home is something that you feel, you make, and holds love. You experience it. It's not so much a physical place rather a tangible space.

I haven't always had this connection to what home really means.

Our family is coming up on two years of "between houses". We aren't where we want to be- what we have dreamed up- but where we are is safe, blessed, and grateful. So very recently and I mean like last week it hit me. My husband- whom I will from here on out address as "Babe", his name is Adam but I can probably count on one hand how many times I have called him by his birth name in the 14 years we've been together- uh hold up 14 years!

I digress...Babe was all tangled up in our 3 kids. You know, being jumped on, and tickled, and rolling around on the ground and me, I was on the couch sort of lost in dreamy thought about how awesome this will be when we're finally "Home".


Emotions I hold in my heart swirled all around and traveled up to my brain and I felt in that instant a reprogramming of thought and connection with the heart. Our house could literally be anywhere and it would be our home. Our home isn't something we wait on while each moment is passing us by.

Wherever we are we are home.

Wherever we are we create home. Our home is measured by our love. Wherever we are together (even if it's not where we aspire to be) is home. I know there are quotes and I know people say that but when you experience it in a whole new light it actually has meaning. It has depth because you have felt it in your body.

So my friend, upon leaving, says to me

"I love your home. It feels safe and feels like love. I can tell the pieces in your home are love pieces. It's not just filled with stuff."

I know I didn't say it exactly how she said it but the feeling she gave me is what I hope comes through. This was such a gift to me because I love her style. She is crafty, talented, and the glimpses of her home make me feel at home. She said that her house is filled with items she loves not just anything she likes to fill space. She wants a place that feels peaceful and full of love.

Not only can I relate to that but I have been actively living it. Only keep what you love and not what's trendy, donate/toss/regift anything that doesn't bring joy are pieces of advice I've picked up. I have more to purge, more emotional baggage to toss so that I can toss the "stuff" that doesn't bring me joy but fills my space (fear of lack, anyone? fear of hurting feelings, anyone?), and a quest to enjoy more time vs. things.

Just this little comment coupled with my redefining home encouraged me to keep on keeping only what is beautiful, joyful, and makes my home feel loved as well as remember that my home is where my family is and we create the environment. I am going to keep aligning with our dream home and in the meantime send gratitude for wishes fulfilled.

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