Beginnings & Endings

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Birthdays, retirements, holidays, and celebrations of life and death.

Let's face it, life is a cycle from beginning to end and usually, there is cake.

Sunday's invitation to celebrate two major milestones had me thinking about time. My soul sister, Chelsea, was preparing to put on her daughter's high school graduation party and her son's first birthday. Two totally different times of life. An ending to high school. An ending to being an infant. A beginning of adulthood. A beginning of childhood. And she gets to experience both simultaneously.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

A whole concept of where does the time go came flooding in. Here she is with one baby leaving the nest and another having his first birthday. I couldn't wrap my mind around the concept that my babies will eventually be there. I got to thinking about how long the days can be but how fast it's going to go. Some days feel like the monotonous routine of childhood will last forever.


Wake and repeat. I am a lover of motherhood but for authenticities sake, I have to say it can be exhausting. It's not until major milestones do we see the time lapse. You reflect.

We were here and now we are here.

How did that happen?

Did I enjoy it enough?

You were a baby and now you're not.

Did I play enough?

We were dating and now we're married.

Did we flirt enough?

We just got married but its been 7 years!

Are we loving enough?

All these thoughts started flooding in and I almost forgot that it's never too late to do or be...its never too late to change or create your life...again. To end habits that no longer serve. To be who makes you happy. To do what makes you happy.

Why does it take an accumulation of time to really appreciate where you've been or even worse- realize you've not done the things you've wanted to do?

There are things in life that ARE stressful, tiring, and routine. Can we keep it in perspective? Knowing nothing is permanent? That eventually- everything changes. Everything ages transforms, grows, dies, and births. We experience all the seasons again and again within our own lives.

Can we bring ourselves to a place of "now"?

To be present.

Can we learn to be in season with our life cycle? Can we bring comfort to the struggle by appreciating the strength it takes to endure- knowing its temporary? If in transition to where we "want to be", can we appreciate the in-between? Remembering every next step is closer to the destination.

If the destination has been reached can we learn to BE in its presence? Really LOVE it. I mean really appreciate it, be in it, give gratitude daily for it. LIVE IT.

If you think about this from a spiritual perspective, they all meld together and present a bigger story. When we realize that each milestone, each season, each struggle, each celebration creates the entire story of our lives, it really shows its beauty.

Know that you are the key player in your life and if you don't fully feel it- you won't fully experience it and you'll wonder where it all went.

I can't think of a better ending as I've traveled through time- so linear- than to quote Chelsea on motherhood...and life...

"People who see me with these two *her 18-year-old and 1 year old* always say

'Oh, you're starting over'

to which I reply

'when did it end?'

This mom thing is a never-ending story and I AM so thankful and so blessed to experience this life long journey"

- Chelsea

It's true, it's so true. We will all experience the beginning of something and we will also experience the ending of it and it will lead to another story that repeats the cycle...And each time we experience this adds to the collective of what shapes us. It's our story, each ending leads to a beginning and each beginning leads to an end. It's all part of it. It's all beautiful. It's all OURS to create.

© By the Moon Oracle.