Be Blessed

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Be honest.

You are stopped at a stop light. Blinker on.

It's a one-way lane. You look to your right and you see "one of them".

Someone with a sign, someone asking YOU for something.

Money, food, water...


What is your first thought?

I'm not here to judge you. I AM asking so you can be honest with yourself. You are allowed your own thoughts, conclusions, and reactions. Do you avoid eye contact? Do you pray for the light to turn green? Do you pretend to look for money, food, kindness?

Or do you make eye contact, read their sign, and look at them. Seeing not with your eyes but your heart. Do you see what they feel? Do you dig through your wallet, look for food in your grocery bag, or even wave a hello- "I see you". I ask you not to judge but to make you think.

I ask you because today I was stopped at the light, on the one way, to the left of some "traveler- hungry and poor".

I looked at him. I read his sign. I looked him over.

I looked left, looked right. I went over in my head what do I have to give him? I knew I didn't have cash, did I have change? I had some pretzels in a container for Layden but I couldn't reach them rolling around. I dug through my console looking for my emergency snacks. I had one bar, yes, the bar I could give- I could bless. I opened the window, happily, "I have a bar. I kept looking for something to give you. What did I have I kept thinking and I have a bar!" I called out to the man. He took the bar graciously. I looked at him closer. He thanked me and said, "Be Blessed".

The cars were impatient, their drivers rather, there was an opening to turn although the light was still red. My free right. How ironic in hindsight, I sat idle in my car on a corner deciding to help a stranger and upset the rest but it was my free right. My right to do it. My freedom. I drove on and his words echoed in my head over and over.

"Be Blessed. Be Blessed. Be Blessed."

Maybe you are one who gives freely and knows the feeling of blessing another or maybe you have made up your mind not to give- you have your own reasons and your own free right. I encourage you to stay with me especially if you would not have done the same. He was in need and I could give kindness. He thanked me and could have given the more popular "God Bless", but his wish for me was to Be Blessed. It struck my heart. Something more to it, something that reminded me that yes Bless me too. I shall Bless and Be Blessed and we can all do both. The blessing comes with giving and receiving and we don't get to decide who is "worthy" of either.

I hear arguments of this is such a scam, they have more money, get a job...but where I ask you is kindness in that? Why do we give up on passing on kindness? How do we know if it will make a difference? Maybe this extended act of kindness changes their life. Maybe they take the dollar, get cleaned up, look for a safe place to stay, and ask for help. Maybe this time it doesn't and they use it to buy drugs. Maybe they do but do you know my truth? We don't get to decide what someone does with the blessing we give. Furthermore and unfortunately maybe they will use their collected money to buy drugs but maybe this is how they deal with life. Maybe they are so far gone, so far down, they aren't able and ready to get sober. By the way the getting clean is the hard part- that's the part you can't numb anymore. That's the part where you really have to feel it all.

How about on the other side of the blessing spectrum. The giveaways, the contests, the drawings. Should the wealthy, the blessed, the abundant not be included? Do we say no we cannot bless them because they've reached the max, they're tapped out for rewards. I used to feel that way. "Oh no fair, they don't need that because they can afford that" was my mentality. Until in one message from what I think was my "higher self" said "We are all worthy. We all 'deserve' blessings." I realized maybe they can afford XYZ but that is not the point. It's possible they may never have taken the time to bless their self and it was necessary to be given in way of a gift so that they would experience it. Very recently my friend (paraphrased story) wanted to bless someone with food in the form of a gift card. She is so generous. She had purchased for someone who "looked" like they could "use" a blessing. ( I quote those because our hearts should be in charge of blessings, not our brain and when we use our brain we look for logical reasons for why someone is deserving of something. When we use our hearts she says "everyone's in!")

Upon purchasing the gift card she was kindly "warned" that the to be blessed person has a lot of money in her wallet. Oh, my friend was in a predicament. Now what? What would you do? Bless the person anyway- from the heart- she felt called to bless this person. Keep the gift card- after all, maybe this lady has more money then she!

Oh but reminder dear readers, blessing is like love - there are no contingencies. I think sometimes we forget we all belong to each other and it's hard because "good" and "bad" exist (although that's another discussion for another time) No matter what, we are all worthy of love and we are all loved more and no less by this creator of us all. That is a hard pill to swallow in this world that is full of terrible happenings. We are all human and what we do unto others is what we do unto ourselves (call it a law, karma, its all the same) Love has no buts, no rules, no you're too rich, you're too poor, you're on drugs, you have a home...We can't put rules on who to gets to be blessed and who doesn't...

I digress and I wrap up and I ask you to remember how you can love and bless others. Food, money, kindness. Just a few ideas of the most basic needs. There are unlimited ways to help someone that won't cost you a thing, except gratitude. Pick one that honors where you are. Remember one act of kindness could change the course of a life, even two.


© By the Moon Oracle.