33 things about me on my 33rd birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME- I AM 33. What better way to get to know me more than through some facts about yours truly. Here are 33 things I could think of one and another.

1. My first name is actually NaTasha with a capital N and T

2. I’ve always shortened my name to Tasha. When I was younger I was intimidated by such a formal, strong, beautiful, and might I say seducing first name. I did not want to stand out at all!

3. In high school, my now husband and his friend heard I dropped the Na and therefore dubbed my pet name NaNa.

4. It has stuck...and I secretly love it

5. My childhood nicknames had nothing to do with the Na it was all about the T... “t”, “t-der”, “teeter-totter”

6. My little grandma had a honey bottle filled with ketchup my ENTIRE life (up until her passing) that was labeled “ketsup”...I spelled ketchup like that my entire life and have to stop and think about the correct way to spell it to this day!

7. My little grandma and my other grandma let me get away with spelling “gramma” for my entire childhood so that is how I want to spell it...grandma barb still puts “gramma” on every card...love that.

8. I learned sign language in 3rd grade and loved it so much that I would study a Sesame Street sign language book at said grammas.

9. Adam and I relearned some basic signs when I was pregnant with Wyatt. We were so diligent to use “milk” “thank you” “please” “more” “all done” with him and he still remembers! (Like with all things...the more kids we had the less we did this routinely)

10. I still know my first best friend's name Kimberly Lynn Colley 😘 and talk to her to this day. We met when I was 7 or 8.

11. My favorite color was pink for the first 10 years of my life...it’s making a comeback

12. Remember safety words? (if someone comes to pick you up from school they need to tell you your safety word) mine was Ariel- obvious reasons 🧜🏻‍♀️

13. I would nominate Wizard of Oz as my favorite movie 🍿

14. I begged my grandma for Ruby Red Slippers for-Ev-errrr. She did buy them for me... at 22 and I totally wore them.

15. Turquoise has been my adult favorite color! Decorate all the things in turquoise.

16. I LOVE feathers and bird decor but am really actually scared of birds. No seriously freaked out.

17. ...continued. My wedding decor was done in peacock 🦚 feathers...I went to the game farm and screamed away from the peacocks. Those m’fers will chase you.

18. My dad and my grandpa on my dad’s side got the artistic 🧬 gene that bypassed me. Cannot draw stick figures but channel my art in creative ways

19. I love all kinds of music 🎶 country, rock, meditation, jazz, rap, pop, classical, big band, all of it. I love singing like I wrote the song...and wish for the life of me I was put in singing lessons.

20. I say *most* conversations in my head before speaking out loud and don’t realize it. My husband has learned to say “ya, you came in at like 1/2 conversation”.

21. I love my lips 👄 but until my mid 20’s didn’t think I could wear lipstick because they are so full.

22. I forgive younger me for wasting years that could have been colored with lipstick.

23. I have a lipstick collection with 3 reds. Red, red red, and glossier red. Because I love red lips as much as I love PINK lipstick 😍

24. The age I had my first baby Wyatt 🧡

25. I have always worked at least 2 jobs...even when I was in school and haven’t broken that habit. Full-time mom, and double business owner...

26. The age I had my first daughter and second baby, Piper 💜

27. Perfectionism is a real thing and she is a bitch.

28. I married my high school love, bought a house, got married, and had 4 kids who I love so much and who also drive me crazy with their completely independent, confident, prepared for this life attitudes- and it is everything that I have ALWAYS asked for my entire childhood. Dreams come true.

29. A bit past the 2-year spacing this is the age we welcomed our 3rd baby, Layden 💙

30. Age 30 was the most pivotal year for me. I TRULY learned what I had been blind to see for many many years and it is this: you don’t realize how beautiful, loved, and sacred you are until you bestow grace upon your heart and see yourself in God's love. I have loved myself more in my 30’s then I ever did in my 20’s or teens and I find myself more beautiful than I ever have.

31. GRACE- is a priceless gift and this is the year Grace was given to me (us) with the birth of our 4th baby. A daughter we named Isla Grace 💖(Isla means “devoted to God” which I did not know until after her birth- devoted to God’s grace...amen)

32. I love books and so many are waiting to be cracked open but I’ll still order more books excitedly wondering what I’ll read next. Books make, in my opinion, a magical gift.


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