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An oracle card reading is a way to receive guidance that is already in and around you.  A way for you to see and hear what the Universe wants you to know. Tarot & Oracle cards are known as divination.




  1. "to foresee, to be inspired by a god"

  2. the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers

  3. unusual insight: intuitive perception



Cards are intimate like prayers answered visually.


We know that prayers are answered in unexpected ways and most often through the guidance of people, experiences, and following our hearts. Cards can be read in a number of ways and experiences. You may seek guidance for what is currently happening in your life, an upcoming decision, clarity of the past, or you may choose to pick a daily card as to how best to go about your day. Divination is based on the energy of your body and the answers come from GOD (universe, higher self, guides, creator, love, divine). I AM not here to tell you what and whom to believe in that is for you to discover and feel. I am here to show you that it's real and you are so loved, known, and held by something greater than you.


Energy healing & Intuitive care

My passion and gifts are connecting you with your true self through Spirit. Together, we uncover the Light and the Shadow within you. The areas of love, joy, and magic, and how to magnify their presence in your life while also identifying the areas where lessons and growth are ready to be accessed, realized and healed.

I am a Reiki Teacher Master who works with Eden Energy Medicine and other healing modalities. Often in card readings, other guidance will come through. This will be unique to each person but can include Reiki, emotional clearing, chakra balance, EEM, cord cutting, crystal work, and messages. If called I will personally perform this with permission and can be done in a long distance reading or in person. Remote (long distance) healing is just as powerful for me if not more for receiving messages.


If the healing is not to be done by me, I have a network of diverse healers who specialize in just what you need. I am able to energetically match you with the healer or healing that is in your highest good. That is the miracle of listening to spirit- guidance by asking and listening.


My Style


Being an Oracle, I read cards intuitively, meaning I pay attention to what comes through during the whole session. How I feel and what I am told give me the meaning of the cards being read. You won't find me referring to the book (unless guided) and I will not get caught up in what the card says or take it for face value.


Each session is entirely different. We may start with a clearing, cards, or we may start with channeled messages. Each session is beautiful and of its own accord. I begin every session by bringing in reiki, setting space, calling in my guides, guardians, and angels of the highest order of love and light from God, and prayer. For long distance (remote) sessions I do this all the same by channeling your energy to be with me. 


What to Expect


I take pride and care in each and every session. I give you the option and the POWER to have a focus or intention but know that I am not in charge of what comes through. The Universe ultimately decides what is in your highest good to cover in each session and I respectfully follow Divine's instruction. 


I will deliver your messages to the best of my knowledge and make sure you have clarity on all that was delivered and in context to what was covered. Should anything difficult or heavy come up during your reading, know that I take care in compassionately discussing the matter. Your guides will never share information with me that you on some level do not want discussed.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me. What happens in your session and our time together is between the sacred space we create. True healing relies on vulnerability; to be able to say how you feel and talk about your experiences without fear of judgment or publicity.


You can expect that I take my work very seriously and it is an honor to serve you, therefore, I expect YOU to take this very seriously and honor what comes through. You are the element of change and you are a creator. You can create the space for what you intend with action, care, and honestly- it is up to you! You are the change maker. 


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