Frequently asked questions

What is a card reading and how can it help me?

A card reading is a form of Divination, a means to bring forth divine information and guidance to lead your life. This is a practice of connecting to GOD/source/love/divine/creator/mother earth. Oracle readings do not belong to one Dogma and is in fact not a religious practice but in my opinion a form of connecting and hearing from the energy that holds us all. We all come from the same loving and creative energy and this is where I tap in to. You may seek to connect through a religion, prophet, earth, a master while receiving your information. It is my belief, as said before, that we all come from the same creative loving source and therefore we are all a piece of this energy. It is in our innate that we are forever connected to this source and so when I receive messages and read your cards I am not only bringing in your energy but the messages that are around you. Sometimes we are not able to hear or see what is being presented in front of us, some of us are not aware of the connection, and others need clarity- it is my job and honor to interpret and bring down these messages for you. Card readings and messages (and energy healing) can help bring clarity to your life, guide you, bring you closer to Divine/God/Universe, receive messages of health, relationships, and sometimes the foretelling of what's to come (all based on CURRENT energies). I do card readings in person and remotely (long distance) **Keep reading to learn how I do a long distance reading**

You mentioned being an oracle, what is that?

Three years ago during an energy healing session my healer asked me if I was an Oracle. Honestly I hadn't really heard, used, or known the "meaning" of it in context to me or even something real. I have always believed in "energy", "God", and people having the gift of giving messages- "psychic" but when she asked me that I just had the automatic response of "yes"...through ego and mentality of "yah, but who AM I to be an Oracle", it took me those 2 years to finally state "I AM an Oracle" and know it in my soul as my birthright as something I have always had. or·a·cle ˈôrək(ə)l/ noun 1.
a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity. 2.
a response or message given by an oracle, typically one that is ambiguous or obscure. So you are a fortune teller? No, I am not a fortune teller and even the best psychics are only 80% correct. I am not claiming to be either-I can't tell you the winning lottery ticket, or when you'll find your parter. I can give you the messages that are in the *current* energy and what your guides want you to know. I can help you *Help yourself* take the steps needed to live in your highest good, follow guidance to find a healthy relationship, etc. I am only told what you are ready to hear and also what is in the current energy field as a possibility of occurence. Current energy means: what is to happen if you are to make decisions based on the potentials around you. You have free will (as do others!), which means you can decide to take a "detour" at anytime. You can decide to change your thoughts, behavior, lifestyle in accordance to what is in your highest good or not and change the energy at this time.

How do I pick a card reading?

There are different ways to go about doing a reading or a session with me. You will find on the internet and other readers offering "spreads". These are directed questions you are asking or a layout of the card reading. Although I have "types" of card readings available using spreads is not something I typically do. I have found my best work (the one that flows without resistance or control) comes from allowing the universe to tell me what the upcoming card will represent or what we are being guided about. I am so comfortable with the oracle messages that I do use my cards- they are beautiful and tangible for you and I to see- however most of my message will come from Divine/God. There are a few different ways to decide which reading is best for you. 1. Read through the different types of readings I have and intuitively decide which one resonates with you. 2. We can leave the reading up to the universe, I will ask which reading I offer or what is in your highest good. 3. Have an intention for your reading and see what the universe tells you through the reading (Intention- a "problem", relationship, work, guidance, healing, etc") We can also do a combination of these. Example: "I want to understand and have guidance about my life journey but can you ask which type of reading and/or energy work is in my highest good?" In this case I would bring your energy in and connect asking "Which offering is in the highest good of ______ to understand and receive guidance on her/his life journey". From there I would be told what I can do in your highest good.

You bring in my energy? How is it you can connect with me when we've never met or I am not there?

I have been able to "channel" others energies to read them for a few years now. It was through muscle testing I learned I could channel energy long distance. Since then I have added Reiki training (through Level 3) where I was attuned to "bring in a person long distance". With my previous ability to channel and the attunement with reiki, I am more confident, connected, and receive powerful "uninterrupted" messages through that modality. I love doing in person healing and readings but long distance does provide a different atmosphere where I am able get in a more connected meditative state. So meditative and more channeled that I write everything out while in this state but upon coming out of it, I will not remember all that was said. I am fully conscious of what I am writing and what is being told to me at that time but when I "come back" and go to type or record your reading it is like I am reading it for the first time but I have already known it to be true. Possibly hard to understand this concept but I do like to give you a feel for my experience.

In person or long distance reading- which one is right for me?

Either will be a wonderful experience. Here are my thoughts on each one and why one may be a better fit for you. Long distance readings (remote) For those out of town, state, or country a long distance reading is the obvious answer! This is also true for coordinating schedules, let's face it we are busy humans with work, commitments, and family! I am a mom of 3 (with another on the way) I work at home and uninterrupted time with company is something that needs to be coordinated. If you are in a hurry to get a reading and see what the universe wants to tell you, ordering a reading to be sent by email is a great option that can be scheduled sooner! By ordering your reading you are giving "permission" for me to tap into you and bring you in- that's all you need to do to prepare! Be open and ready to receive. For those who have a hard time letting their guard down, being vulnerable, or being read- a long distance reading feels much more comfortable for you. Also if you want a full "evaluation" of what is in your highest good (card reading, energy healing, other healers and practitioners, messages from the universe, basically all spirit will give me in one time) a long distance reading will give that to you in a shorter amount of time vs in person. In person is very intimate and lovely but will take longer as we will connect, converse, talk through emotions, visions, etc and therefore may not cover everything in one session.

How will I receive my reading?

I send my long distance readings as a recorded file of what I have channeled and healed during our session. I will send this recording with all pictures of cards and the setting of space.

How long after ordering will I receive my reading?

All sessions and readings are Spirit led and typically 3-4 weeks out for full readings and 1-2 weeks out for "smaller" readings. Spirit led means I am guided when it is in the highest good to do your reading. In person readings If you are looking for a whole experience where you visually get to see and feel (especially nice for Reiki, energy work..) an in person session is wonderful. Although I set up space for long distance readings just as I do for in person you don't get to "be in the space". (I do send you pictures though!) If you have never seen how I do card readings or are curious to what one feels like in the physical form this is such a treat. The other benefit is being in the present moment while doing it and feeling the Reiki flow through the room, receiving in person clearings if needed, and experience the magic unfold before your eyes. You will get to journal what is being told to you as it comes out, you'll get to take pictures of your cards, and for some people that gives more "power" to create changes in their life, be inspired, and really feel the connection.

How do I know who to trust when receiving spiritual guidance, oracle readings, & energy healing?

Always trust your gut! Researching and word of mouth recommendations are very helpful in this line of work. When I work with another healer either energy or cards I am always listening to my intuition making sure I have that really good energetic connection with them (you vibe well!), I know that they are doing their work in all love and light and are working with guides in the highest good. Many tarot and oracle readers, life coaches, and intuitives can receive certification from a schooling or course but in my own experience there are things that you cannot pay to be taught or receive that will give you the connection and love to do this work. I am personally a self taught card reader and oracle. I haven't read books, rarely use spreads, and am always in connection with my guides, guardians, angels, and God in the highest order of love and light. Each session brings in my Reiki, which I do have certification of Reiki Master and do recommend seeking a certification from a highly qualified Master/Teacher, so I know I am completely connected to Divine Source and my readings are surrounded in love, light, and protection. I have testimonials on my website from many who have experienced my work. Seek out someone you can trust by using your intuition.

How many readings can I get? How often? ​

I am honored to guide and mentor you on your journey. After your first initial reading you may receive guidance for a follow up, deeper healing/messages, check ins, or you may find you have other areas of your life you'd like to receive oracle services. There are no limits to how many readings you may receive in this lifetime. One outcome of reading cards and hearing information from spirit is that you CAN become more connected. You CAN learn how to listen to the messages and check in as well. My mission in experiencing my services, reading my blog, and learning what I have to teach- you will become empowered and know you have connection to spirit, intuition, and the ability to tap into your own gifts. This is why I have created Oracle & Energy classes and events that teach you how to be your own healer.

Can we talk about my reading after I have received it? Can I ask questions?

Yes, absolutely, in fact I love to know which parts really resonated with you and what your overall experience was. I also want to make sure that you have complete clarity and understanding in all areas of your reading. There may be areas that trigger you or parts you don't understand and I am here for making sure you're confident in the whole reading. There may be parts that do not resonate with you and I may be able to bring clarity or discover if this is a block or reason you're not allowing the information in. Questions outside of the reading or that rise up due to the reading will need to be done in another session. Anything discussed and answered in the reading will be covered and if additional guidance is wanted we will schedule a follow up.

How do I prepare to listen to my reading?

All readings are sent by email as a recording with all pictures. I suggest getting to a quiet space with pen and paper where you can listen and absorb for at least 30 minutes. Journaling during and after can prove not only therapeutic but the written word is powerful and written by you will commit what is being said to memory. This enhances greater success and taking action with the messages and healing.

I feel excited. I feel triggered. I feel inspired to take action. How am I "supposed" to feel after my reading?

As a conduit for divine information, I am not in charge of what truth comes through. My job as an oracle is to relay all that you are ready to hear. I would not be able to give you messages you were not ready for even if you feel it comes at a total surprise! I find most of my clients feel all information to be truth, whether it is emotions they have been working through intensively or thoughts that have been buried deep not surfacing. All that comes through in our session is for your highest good and is coming to you so that you may take action in your highest good for your happiest, healthiest, most purposeful life.

I don't resonate with my reading...can you do it over or may I have a refund?

Knock on wood but I have not had one client come back to me asking for a refund or being disappointed about their reading. What needs to come through will come through. What you seek may be revealed over time or it may be revealed in your first reading. Like I said we hear what we are ready to hear as well as what is in our highest good and most important at this time. Your intention will have a lot of pull as to what is revealed. If we have a specific reading based on your life purpose you'll likely have an entire reading based on that (I say likely because if the universe finds absolutely that is not the focus I will be redirected to what is) on the other hand if our intention is for the universe to tell us what you need to know now- a lot can be covered or one or two particular areas in your if will be focused upon. If something absolutely triggers you or you feel it doesn't "fit" you PLEASE message me. I have had this happen on a rare occasion and after speaking to the client about it we were able to clear the air, the trigger, and see the information for loving and how it fit into their life.

My reading didn't come "true"?

My practice has a center of love and messages I relay to you are always in that context. My readings are generally not based on questions to foretell your future and if questions are asked about your future I can only read the possibilities...with that you and everyone around you has free will. You may alter your path by taking a different route. It is also possible that what I am speaking of to you comes to fruition at a later date. The spirit realm does not have earthly time. Things can manifest faster based on your acceptance and ability to seek what calls to you or slower if you block with worry, fear, or doubt. There is a lot at play in our lives. I also believe in the energy of fate and destiny, what is meant for you will not pass you by and may come over and over and over again through opportunities that you can take or not! Most of what I offer to you is in relevance to the now because we can only begin to create, love, and heal in the present. You will often receive energy of the past to embrace your now and knowings of the future to energize your now!

A past life came up in a reading and I don't believe in past lives.

Past lives, like everything that shows in your reading, come up for your highest good. When past lives come up I find they are either there to bring knowledge, guidance, a remembrance to your consciousness or to do a healing for your emotional and spiritual advancement. There is a lot that can be learned with past lives, however, if you do not believe in past lives- I wont make you believe something that you don't! In this case I would ask that you find the message of what is being brought up relevant in this lifetime and how you can heal and advance from what has been brought to light. Past lives do not come up on every reading and unless I am specifically doing a past life healing, they will only come up as necessary.

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