Classes & Guidance


Intro to Oracle & Energy


This class is in an introduction to reading and interpreting oracle and wisdom cards. You will learn to read for yourself and for others. I am a self-taught intuitive card reader and Oracle. All teaching comes from my own practice and innate knowing. I believe your best work comes from what flows naturally to YOU so please feel free to adapt what I teach you to fit your style. You will learn to feel and become comfortable with energy. We will talk about and demonstrate muscle testing (asking the innate) and practice listening and following our intuition (inner guidance) as well as the basic use of a pendulum. These skills I feel are important to fully trusting yourself as a conduit so that you can become skilled and confident in your ability to read cards.



Advanced Oracle & Energy


Ready to rock that *third eye open* look?  This is our second class strengthening our connection to energy, oracle cards, and spirituality. Must have taken Oracle and Energy intro. Well acquainted and comfortable calling in energy and/or have Reiki 2. In this class we will kick it up a notch and practice our intuition to give long distance readings for others, see and hear more clearly during oracle readings, learn to set space in full, clearing and cleansing techniques. Some review from the Intro class.



Oracle readings for personal events:


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One on One Mentorship:


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Reiki 1


Your first degree Reiki. Become attuned with the magic and energy of Reiki. A sacred practice is available to you.


Reiki 2


Your second degree Reiki. Become more familiar and deepen your personal practice with Reiki 2. Learn how to give long distance Reiki sessions and add in the blessed symbols.



Reiki 3


Your third degree Reiki. For students who feel the call to turn their love of Reiki into their own professional Reiki practice. 





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