About My Services


By the Moon Oracle (Tasha) uses divination to empower and connect you to your highest self.

My magic & medicine include spirit led oracle readings, Reiki and Energy healing, classes, events, & divine feminine mentoring.


The Spiritual experience is the process of incorporating our self-realization into our everyday lives. 

Avoidance of the uncomfortable and denial of pain are common in the path of healing, my mission is to empower you to face that which you seek to avoid so that you may embrace your story and overcome your burdens.


It is knowledge, it is understanding, it is surrender, it is love, and it is yours to experience. 


I am a self-taught oracle and tarot card reader, Reiki Master Teacher, and Oracle.

My unique approach to this work consists of incorporating my formal training with my innate knowing. I am guided by Spirit and my healing nature is of pure divine love.

Our Services

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